What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse?

What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse?

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February 14, 2022

Computer Mice and their sensors

It is a reality that computer mice today are not similar to those of 20 years ago. These controls or cursors have changed almost completely due to technological advances, although their design is almost identical.

Over time, many things have been changing their appearance and technology within the world of computers. One of these has been the mice, which in terms of design have not changed, but in their type of technology. That is why we can now find models that even have up to 8 buttons among their main features.

One of the main things that have changed in today’s computer mice is their sensors. These are becoming more specialized, allowing for more delicacy and professionalism in the movement. Those who play video games frequently are taking advantage of it very well.

How have computer mice evolved?

Although many believe that computer mice have existed since the 90s, the reality is different. These devices have been in operation since the 1950s when the first model was created in Canada. A mechanical design had two gears used to make horizontal and vertical movements.

Since then and within the world of computers, the mouse or mouse has become indispensable. All the activities that we carry out within the computer require a controller that allows access to different areas. Currently, it also works as a controller to play different games.

They had to go through many models, tests and the debates between Microsoft and Apple grew. However, it was not until the 90s that this peripheral became essential in computers. Becoming what they are today, a necessity to use any computer.

Replaced by hands

Currently, computer mice are at a good time for computers. They are essential for their use and bring different advantages in terms of their use. We can have highly specialized models with more than eight buttons and even highly capable sensors with them.

However, the reality is that touch continues to advance by leaps and bounds within the technological world. The arrival of smart devices and screens also evolved into the world of computers. That is why today, we can see touch screens on both desktop and laptop computers.

It is expected that little by little, there will be more models with these characteristics or that they will even go to another level. Since there are also different scientific tests that the computer will use just by thinking, it will not be necessary to have it or use it because you can give orders to the computer just by thinking.

How do the optical sensors of the mouse work?

Although they were only gears in their beginnings, even at the beginning of the century, we all remember the model of a ball. We could move thanks easily to this sphere that had problems after a while. All this gave way to what we know today in these devices, which are optical sensors.

It is common for computer mice to have an LED light or a laser as a sensor. All this is accompanied by a photodetector responsible for reading many images per second. Generally, this is the specification given to mirrored sensors in IPS.

All these images are read by the digital signal processor, thus comparing the cursor’s position. All this enters into an internal mesh in which each of the pixels of the images is aligned. In this way, it will be possible to determine at high speed whether or not it has moved and where it is headed.

All this happens at high speeds; the human eye can hardly perceive it. That is why these elements must be in good condition because if something interrupts the sensor, it does not move.

Differences between computer mouse sensors?

Now that we know that the sensors they may have are LED or laser, it is time to understand them better. That is why we will delve into each of them within this section to observe how they work. This way, you can determine the best option for you according to your tastes and needs.

Mouse with a laser sensor

The operation or mission is the same as that of the LED sensor, only changing the type of light. They tend to have much more precision on different surfaces, regardless of whether it is a glass table. However, this can become a negative aspect, where images are read that are not necessary.

These models are usually more expensive than sensors with LED illumination. In addition to being sensitive to falls, the laser breaks much more easily than the LED.

LED light sensor mouse

Computer mice that feature LED lighting are one of the most popular today. However, one of its negative points is how it works on reflective surfaces, especially if it is a glass table, where it does not usually receive the images correctly to do its job.

When talking about a mouse with LED lighting, it has a lower cost. The LED is much cheaper than a laser, but the surface on which it works is still a problem. That is why they are usually used on tarpaulins or dark surfaces that allow them to move.

Which technology is better?

This type of response will vary in each of the situations that are. In addition to that, the manufacturers will have their answers divided. For many, the most recommended are the LED ones, although it is important to know what surface you will be working on.

On the other hand, streamers and gamers prefer the precision of a laser mouse. However, these have higher costs and much more technical characteristics. Some models have more buttons than we usually use in a normal model.

The photodetector is important because the number of images received will depend on this. This way, you will be able to work much faster and more efficiently depending on the model that has been chosen. However, this is something relative and dependent on each of the brands.

What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Mouse?

Apart from the obvious feature that we have mentioned, there are also other aspects to consider. That is why we will now show you a small list of things that we must consider. So take note if you want to have a specialized model that suits your needs.

Dots per inch or DPI

This is the one that is directly related to the photodetector, where each of the movements that are made is recorded. The faster and higher the number of this spec, the more responsive your scrolling will be. The speed can be much higher and ideal for the different games or activities.

Polling rate for motion

This is the speed or capacity with which information can be sent from the device to the CPU. Its measurement system in hertz is generally around 200 Hz, which refers to 200 times it sends its position per second.

There are models of 500 Hz, and even up to 1000 Hz, so it is important depending on its use. A user who needs more precision and speed prefers a mouse with a higher rate.

On the other hand, if it is for normal desktop use in an office, it does not matter much that it is so high. All these aspects condition the operation of computer mice, so it is important to know a little about them.

Also, if you look for a gamer device that has high performance, these aspects will be decisive in its operation. Remember always to keep this in mind when choosing a model from those found in our store.

Computer mice continue to evolve.

It is expected that computer mice can evolve with many more advantages when using them in the coming years. In addition, we know that the gamer world has essential this type of element within computers after functioning as a controller. However, you can get to know them much better with this information that we have given you.

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