Vastu Tips to Remove Black Magic

Vastu Tips to Remove Black Magic

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January 17, 2024

Many times, despite working hard, we do not get success in our work. Then, the person gets scared that someone might have done something. In such a situation, you also feel that someone has done black magic in your house. Therefore, we are going to share some Vastu tips with you.

By adopting these, you can remove negative powers from your home. So let us know what are the Vastu tips to avoid black magic. We will also understand what are the symptoms of black magic.

Characteristics of a Person Suffering from Black Magic

Due to black magic, a person becomes physically and mentally weak. He is scared all the time. He does not succeed in any work. Not only this, such a person experiences mental blockage. He feels difficulty in breathing and heaviness. Walking fast, strain in the neck, seeing blue marks on the thighs without any injury, feeling heaviness in the heart, not getting enough sleep, illusion of someone’s presence, etc.

What Happens Due to Black Magic

Anyone’s mind can be controlled by black magic. This may serve one’s interests. In today’s time, nothing can be said about whether black magic exists or not. Let us tell you that black magic is a method in which someone’s mind is controlled through Tantra Vidya, etc.

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This knowledge is used to get the work done and done. Tantra Vidya, etc., is used in this.

What is used in Black Magic

According to how to remove black magic, black magic includes witchcraft, vashikaran, sexual intercourse, killing, exorcism, sorcery, tricks, etc. People also call it Tantrik Vidya. However, there are many traditional superstitions and tricks superstitions, which come from folk tradition. There is no solid basis behind these. Due to this, they can also be the subject of research. Many things are part of religion, and many things are not part of religion.

Vastu Tips to Remove Black Magic

  • 1 Rupee Coin in Temple

According to Vastu Shastra, go to any temple with a coin of 1 rupee. 1. Put a handful of rice in a bowl, tell about your problem, and keep it quietly in a corner of the temple. By doing this black magic will end soon.

  • Worship like this on Friday

According to Vastu Shastra, on Friday, make a platform in front of God in your home temple and place an urn filled with water, make a Swastika on that Kalash with saffron, and place a coin of 1 rupee on it.

  • The Ghee Lamp at the Entrance of the House

Every evening after the puja, light a four-sided ghee lamp at the corner of the main door of the house and put a coin of 1 rupee in this lamp. By doing this, not only will poverty be removed from the house, but negative energy will also be removed from the house.

  • Peacock Feather Solution

Always carry a peacock feather and a one rupee coin in your pocket. Doing this will strengthen your luck. There will be new opportunities in life, and negative energy will also be eliminated.

  • There are Remedies for Black Magic in Vastu

If the financial condition is not improving even after working hard and is facing continuous illness and economic loss, then the person may be under the influence of black magic. To remove the effects of black magic, many remedies have been suggested in Vastu Shastra.

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There are many ways to detect black magic, but very few people know it. The evil eye not only makes a person sick but can also be fatal. There are two types of forces on Earth, one positive and the other negative. Some measures have been suggested in Vaastu Shastra to avoid negative forces.

What is the sure shot way to avoid Black magic?

You can use garlic, salt, onion, and hot chili for eyesight. To avoid evil eyes, tie Kalava or black thread on your hand. With this, you can protect yourself and your family from witchcraft.

Hanuman Chalisa recitation

First of all, start reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily. Along with worshiping Sai, also recite Hanuman Chalisa. Let us tell you that Sai Vandan is done in the morning or evening at home or temple. It is believed that by the grace of Hanuman Ji, you get the blessings of Hanuman Ji and you also get an education in all types of magic.

After Hanuman ji’s aarti, remember Hanuman ji’s aarti with camphor. Keep Hanuman Chalisa under your pillow before sleeping at night. After waking up in the morning, add spices and red chilies to half the vessel and burn some red sandalwood. Now, keep that vessel near your bedside and sleep at night.

Hanuman Ji’s vermillion clothes

On Tuesday and Saturday, vermillion should be offered to Hanumanji, and his lovers should also offer vermillion. By applying Hanuman Ji’s vermillion on a beautiful person, a person’s eyesight can easily go away.

Black magic symptoms at home

First of all, know that if there is black magic on a person, then he remains mentally disturbed. Heartbeat increases suddenly without any reason. If black magic has been done to you, then you start feeling weakness in your mind and brain.

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Terrible dreams occur while sleeping at night. People affected by black magic start liking solitude. There is no hunger and thirst; most may remain ill. Apart from this, the basil present in the house also starts drying up.


You must have noticed that many times, the work keeps getting done. Besides, there is always an atmosphere of distress in the house. Again, illness also persists in the house. There is a sudden loss of money. There should be negativity in the house, due to which a situation of tension remains in life. All this can also happen due to negativity. Apart from this, in common language, it is also called black magic and witchcraft. Here, we are going to tell you how you will recognize whether you have been subjected to witchcraft or not. Or have you walked through a place that is already filled with negative energy? You can get information about Black Magic by taking an online astrology consultation.

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