Rice University Review 2022

Rice University Review 2022

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June 4, 2022

Rice University offers a top-ranked, diverse full-time MBA program. The program equips students with managerial and business skills to scale their careers to new and great heights.

The program ranks sixth for best MBA without work experience in Finance and tenth best MBA for consulting according to the Princeton Review 2022.

The highlights of the Rice MBA program are-

Rice University Review 2022

  • Strong rankings-

The university consistently ranks in the top twenty in The United States and number one for quality of life and multiethnicity according to The Princeton Review. The university has an impressive student-to-teacher ratio i.e. 6:1.

  • Career Support-

The career development center is available for students and alumni. The career development center ensures that students receive good and reputed employment opportunities every year. Ninety-two percent of MBA’s accepted a job offer within three months of graduation.

  • Strong ROI-

An MBA from Rice University is a lifetime investment. The MBA program increases salary growth phenomenally. The starting MBA salary is way higher and students manage to pay their debts in a few years.

  • Experimental Learning –

The program recognizes the importance of skills that the industry demands. The program persuades the development of skills like leadership, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

  • Alumni –

The university has graduated more than 7,000 alumni over forty-five years. The students and alumni have a tight-knit bond. The bond ensures that neither alumni nor students are left behind in their learning or careers.

  • Great Location –

Houston is the fourth largest city in The United States of America. The state is home to more than five hundred organizations. The leading sectors in Houston are health care, start-ups, banking, technology, and oil and gas. It is a perfect place to start your professional career.

  • Entrepreneurial Focus –

The MBA program supports and nourishes the entrepreneurial mindset in the students. The university has a tradition of producing talented entrepreneurs.

  • Global Exposure and Preparation –

The MBA program provides global exposure and outlook to management graduates. Students can apply for short-term consulting projects in reputed and recognized universities during their program. After the completion of the program, students are offered a wide variety of international opportunities.

  • Experienced Faculty –

The faculty of the program has vast industrial experience. They know and understand the value of hands-on skills and research.

Rice University MBA class profile

The MBA class strength was 178. Out of 178 students, 39/ were international students, 33/ were women and 16/ were US underrepresented minorities. The average age of the class was 28.5 and the average work experience was five years. The average GMAT score was 705 and the average undergraduate GPA was 3.51.

The curriculum of the Program

The curriculum is the soul of the program and it provides an opportunity for students to fulfill their goals. The MBA program has a STEM designation. The program equips students to fulfill the needs of data-driven businesses and employers. During the program, students learn problem-solving skills and quantitative and data-analytic methodologies.

During the first year of the program, students are offered core courses such as data analysis, finance, managerial economics, marketing, financial accounting, strategy formulation and implementation, ethics organizational behavior, communications, business law, and operations management.

During the second year, students can choose from over 100+ electives. Some of the electives offered by the university are managerial accounting, corporate responsibility, government relations, operations management, brand strategy, business law, applied risk management, energy derivatives, corporate real estate, applied predictive modeling, and portfolio management.

The top electives offered by the program are accounting, energy, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, real estate, and strategy and environment.

F-1 Curricular Practical Training

CPT is a temporary work authorization where students receive the training required by a course or program. CBT is an alternate work/study, internship, and cooperative education. It is an integral part of the curriculum.

Athena Group

Athena group is a student-run marketing agency that lets students apply classroom skills in the real world.

Eligibility and requirements of the MBA program

The admission requirements of the program are-

  • Scanned copies of transcripts of degrees – The scanned transcripts must include the name of the degree awarded and the degree conferral date.
  • Standardized tests such as GMAT, GRE, and Executive Assessment(EA) – Students must appear for these tests as soon as possible. If students are unsatisfied with their scores they can appear for tests again.
  • Professional Resume – The resume must not be longer than one page. It must highlight employment history, education, and extracurricular activities.
  • Personal Recommendation – Two recommendations are required. One recommendation must highlight your professional abilities and the other must highlight your academic capabilities. You must enter the contact details of the recommender.
  • Essays – Students have to submit one short essay of a hundred words and one essay of five hundred words and a video of duration of two to three minutes. Students who have taken an academic or professional break are required to submit an optional essay of 750 words.
  • English Proficiency Tests for international students. Students are required to take tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Duolingo English Tests.
  • Application fee

Employment Statistics

The career development center works round the clock to ensure students receive reputed and well-recognized job opportunities. The center works to understand students and alumni’ career needs and goals. The dedication and hard work are visible in the results. Hundred percent of students received internship offers. Ninety-two percent of students accepted an offer within three months of graduation.

The average starting salary was $131,000 and seventy-eight percent of students accepted offers through school facilitated activities. Consulting was the leading recruiter followed by financial services, manufacturing, petroleum, and energy. The leading companies that participated in the hiring process are Amazon, Citi, EY, Goldman Sachs, Google, Chevron, Dell Technologies, Deloitte consulting, eBay, Ecolab, and Mckinsey Company.

Apart from employment opportunities, Career Development Center organizes career and network events. During these events, students get a chance to meet and learn from world-class leaders. The center organizes events like conferences and case competitions, Rice Business Board Fellows, leadership and team coaching, and mentorship programs.

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