How To Shift PocoMail MBOX Files to Outlook PST

How To Shift PocoMail MBOX Files to Outlook PST

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January 27, 2024

Have you made up your mind to export to Outlook from PocoMail? If so, allow me to tell you that switching email clients is difficult. Because, in this instance, the file formats used by the two mail clients are different. Outlook stores its data files in PST format, while PocoMail uses the MBX file format.

Furthermore, it provides instructions on how to convert PocoMail to Outlook properly. And since FixVare MBOX to PST Converter is the fastest option, that’s how we’ll carry out this operation.

To begin, let’s review some simple and safe reasons why your work will be more accessible:

The Reasons For Moving Data From PocoMail to Outlook

There are several reasons why users should export PocoMail to Microsoft Outlook, including the following:

  • As everyone knows, Pocomail is one of the older email programs. However, many users’ emails and other data—which they cannot access with this software—are crucial.
  • Microsoft Outlook has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface.
  • Regarding functionality and security, Outlook offers more secure mailbox data storage than Pocomail.
  • As a result, handling data corruption in Outlook is simple.

Export Emails From PocoMail to Outlook PST | By Hand

Pocomail must be manually converted to MBOX to export the data, which can be done by exporting the MBOX file as an Outlook PST file. Outlook can be used to open that specific PST file. You can use the other email software to access your essential emails.

  • After installing, start PocoMail.
  • Click the file menu right now, choose Backup & Restore, and then click the Backup alternative.
  • Open a new Windows window, choose the file location, and select the items you want to back up or export.
  • Explore may be used to save the destination and see the backup file in the “PocoMail.bak” folder.
  • Your saved emails are ultimately located in the “Mail” category.

Transfer All Emails Using an Automated Process From PocoMail to Outlook

As we have already stated, there is no direct way to carry out this conversion procedure. Alternatively, you can export Pocomail to Outlook PST with the FixVare MBOX to PST Converter Software. The application contains the capabilities listed below, which can assist users in converting Pocomail files. As a result, migrating large amounts of data is simple and quick. This software is easy to use and converts data for non-technical people.

PocoMail Emails Can Be Successfully Export to Outlook PST | Detailed Instructions

To complete your assignment without encountering any problems, carefully follow each of the procedures listed below. If you overlook any, you must restart the process from the beginning. Thus, begin the process of exporting Pocomail to Outlook right away:

  • Start FixVare MBOX to PST Converter on your Windows computer and let it install. Press the “Open” button to begin the procedure.

  • Choose MBOX files, Email Data files, and Folders/Files. A view of every MBOX file is displayed on a computer desktop.

  • Select the “Export” button. Moreover, pick the PST files from the directory.
  • Browse, select the PST (Outlook data file), then enter the path you wish to use for the PST’s destination.

  • Press the “Save” button.
  • Hold off until the migration is complete. Your export was completed successfully.

  • A complete preview of your PST files is now shown on the desired path.

Demo Edition: Only ten items from each folder are exported. It would be best to upgrade to the licensed edition to ship all after being satisfied.

PocoMail to Outlook Email Conversion | Special Features:

The following features make it simple for you to export Pocomail to Outlook:

  • Convert Pocomail Emails into PST Format: PocoMail messages can be easily exported to a UNICODE PST file with this software. This file can be simply migrated across all Outlook versions, including Outlook 2019. Installation of an email client is not necessary. Additionally, the software offers an export option for the convenience of its users. Thanks to its auto-detect function, this software makes it simple to export emails with attachments.
  • Two Methods for Selecting the Files: – There are two methods to access the PocoMail file:
    • Folder Mode: To migrate files, including numerous database files, use the folder and browse its contents directly.
    • File option: To use this option, you must use a program to export one PocoMail file.
  • View All PocoMail Mailboxes: Using this feature, you may have a sneak peek at each mailbox saved as a PST file. Users can click on the folder containing the data they wish to utilise and see a tree-structured manner.
    • Users can choose which items or folders to export to filter out extraneous data at the time of conversion.
    • All that is possible is to examine the emails and folders that Outlook is meant to keep. The remainder of the data will be erased throughout the data transfer procedure.

There Are Two Ways to Create an Outlook File: A PST file can be created in one of two ways:

  • Multiple PocoMail profiles are combined into a single PST file. Make Several PST Files: For the Pocomail file, create a single PST file. For instance, ten distinct PocoMail PST files will be produced if there is a PocoMail file.
  • View and Save Process Log File: This tool can be used to keep track of log reports for mailbox migrations that include one or more mailboxes. As a result, the report consists of all of the actions taken by each file.

Last Remarks

We outline how to export PocoMail to Outlook 2019 on the About blog. All types of users can simply complete the procedure here. The software can move data effortlessly, even for individuals who are not very familiar with technological issues. The app has many features that even a novice might find helpful. The graphical user interface is developed in a way that makes it easy for non-technical people to comprehend how it works.

Questions From Users Regarding PocoMail to Outlook Migration:

Query 1: Hello, I want to convert my Pocomail emails into a file format compatible with Microsoft Outlook. I must transfer many emails to my Outlook account because I only recently started using it. Is it feasible to convert these messages to an Outlook data file format without sacrificing any data?

Question 2: I need to handle and transfer some of my important emails from their Pocomail mailbox into Outlook software. In addition, I need a straightforward method to finish the migration and guarantee that no data is damaged. Is there a way to go about doing this, anyone? So, recommend the tool to me.

Question 3: Hi there. Recently, I have had several difficulties while attempting to export my emails from Pocomail. I need to convert my mailbox to an Outlook format that can be accessed, but I’m unsure how. The techniques for exporting Pocomail emails to Outlook are either unsafe or highly time-consuming. Does anyone know how to carry out the conversion procedure for the same in the best possible way?

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