How to Draw Halloween

How to Draw Halloween

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January 20, 2024

How to draw Halloween. There are many fun holidays yearly, from festive Christmas to Easter egg-filled joy to Thanksgiving family fun. Halloween is one of the funniest, and it’s the scariest! This party is about fabulous costumes, spooky decorations, and sweet treats.

One of the best ways to get into Halloween movies is to learn how to draw Halloween stuff! This is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to have fun drawing spooky!

We hope you have a great time with this step-by-step guide on how to draw Halloween. You can draw many more characters like a bow and arrow drawing, an Anubis drawing, a cat drawing, a cobra drawing, a blueberry drawing, a coconut drawing and many more for kids.

How to draw Halloween

Step 1:

What’s more Halloween than a pumpkin wearing a witch’s hat? If you answered “nothing,” then you are right! This is precisely what we will draw for this first step of our guide on removing Halloween. You can start by drawing a small square shape and then draw another square around it. This will serve as a loop for the band around the witch’s hat.

So we can start with the brim of the witch hat! You can use curved lines for the perimeter of the lid, then draw them curving inwards for the bottom edge. The reference image will show you what we mean if it looks confusing, so once you’ve reproduced the lines from our example, you’re ready to move on to step 2.

Step 2:

We can draw more of the hat and start the pumpkin for your Halloween drawing. Let’s start with the cap first! Use a few lines of the loop for the strap around the hat. You can then use curvy, wavy lines to tilt the tip of the cap back on itself.

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Now is the time to start the pumpkin! Start by drawing curvy lines inside the cap for one of the gourd vines. Next, use a rounded line for the left side of the pumpkin, then add a small leaf to the base.

Step 3:

In this third step of our guide to drawing Halloween, we will remove the other side of the pumpkin. This site will look much like the one on the left, with a few differences. First, draw another twisted vine that runs down that side, and you can add a leaf to that vine for one of those differences.

The rest of this side will be the same as the other side, so use a curved line for the right side of the pumpkin and add another leaf to the base.

Step 4:

It wouldn’t be a pumpkin without the face, so we’ll add it to this part of the Halloween drawing. The face is made up of the eyes, nose, and smiling mouth, and as you can see in the reference image, all of these will be drawn with very angular lines to make them appear sculpted.

You can also draw lines inside these shapes to make them look like they’ve been carved from a thick pumpkin. Then, complete this step by adding curved lines for the pumpkin segments. There are a few final details to add in the next step, so let’s move on!

Step 5:

In this step of our guide to drawing Halloween, we will put some finishing touches to make it even better. The details we add will be subtle but effective! Add a few thin lines on the hat to shade the details, then add more on the bottom.

You are then ready to take the final step! Before doing that, add some details to complete it. There’s so much you can do here; this is your chance to show off your perfect Halloween setup! For ideas, you can draw sweets, decorations, or spooky ghosts and ghouls. How are you going to finish this drawing?

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Step 6:

This step of your Halloween drawing will be to bring it to life with a bit of colour! We used oranges, greens, greys, and browns for our image, but these colours are suggestions. There are so many unique colours to choose from, and this is your chance to unleash your Halloween creativity!

Depending on the types of colours you want, you can also play around with various art mediums to achieve them. For more vibrant colours, you can use acrylic paints or coloured pens and markers for guidance.

More muted tones can be achieved with certain mediums like coloured pencils or watercolours, so plenty of options are available! What colours and mediums will you use to finish this image?

Do this to bring your Halloween picture to the following level

There’s nothing scary about these tips we have for this Halloween sketch. There are so many details to admire in this Halloween drawing we created together, but we could add even more!

A pumpkin is ordinary on Halloween, but you can add many more decorations. These could include fake bats, snakes, and other scary creatures. Or you can add cobwebs and skulls.

These are just a few ideas for other miniature decorations you could add, but what else can you think of? Once you’ve added these small decorations, you can add larger ones. So many spooky ghouls and characters are expected to be seen at these festivities.

You can draw ghosts, zombies, or even a skeleton rising from the ground. These might be made to look like fake versions, but maybe they might even be the real thing! It all depends on the scene you want to create here.

What would other spooky things make this Halloween drawing even more wonderfully weird? Then, it would be fun to finish this Halloween sketch by adding the rest of the background. We’ve added a lot of decorations, so it’s time to decide where the Halloween decor is.

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It could be in front of a house for cheaters to admire. Or, it could be in a spooky graveyard with ghosts and ghouls frolicking around. There are so many background ideas to choose from, so which one would you choose?

Ultimately, your chosen colours will significantly impact the feel you want to create. We’ll cover a few more options for this Halloween drawing! First, if you want a cooler, creepier feel, use mediums like coloured pencils or watercolours to keep the colours lighter. For a more vibrant feel, coloured pens, markers, and paints would be great alternatives to bring out the colours.

Your Halloween drawing is complete!

You’ve reached the end of this guide on how to draw Halloween, and you’ve got a super spooky picture to show off! We hope this guide has made it easy and fun for you to creatively capture the spirit of Halloween.

Our goal with this guide was to make drawing this picture not a scary experience! You can be responsible when you add your final details, elements, and additions to the mix.

We’ve already mentioned a few ideas for you to choose from, such as drawing more Halloween decorations and characters, but what else can you think of to complete this picture? You can find excellent drawing guides on our website once you’re ready to enjoy drawing more!

We have guides covering many different topics, with many more along the way. Be sure to check out our website; never miss it! We’d love to join in the spooky fun of enjoying your amazing Halloween drawing! You can let us know by sharing it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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