How to Draw a Female Character

How to Draw a Female Character

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December 20, 2022

Let’s try some more cartoons available. How to draw a female character, I don’t know. Tommy needs a sister! He was very lonely there. Let’s do it today, sister, as if by witchcraft. Listen! How did you do it so fast? Very simple.

Women tend to have more pure facial configurations. Here is a step-by-step female cartoon complexion drawing direction. pencil drawing of a girl

  • thin eyebrows
  • Longer and more explicit eyelashes
  • thinner chin
  • Small nose with minor detail
  • Long hair (use an accurate reference and choose the style you want)

That is all. These are all discrepancies you must satisfy. On top of that, I took everything I could from Tommy, his brother. After all, they are brothers. As you get more comfortable, you can gradually make things more “naturalistic” for your feelings, like older students.

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How to Draw Symbols With Different Facial Expressions

Draw a Female

When a feeling of funny characters to draw, emotions and facial terms should come to mind. Now we are ready to add more sentiments to our dear Lucy (yes, that’s her name). Let’s draw it after we find out that the school stops are over.

Once again, we get something extra just by counting two things: the tears and the new construction of her mouth! Isn’t it amazing? Now let’s go to Tommy and ask him what he thinks. Please note that I modified his countenance simply by following the actions below.

  • Make one eyebrow lower than the additional one.
  • Lose views half with tabs
  • Counted a smile (one flank is higher, following the eyebrow)
  • Please pick up the pupils so that they are under the eyelashes.

And that is! We got the desired result with just these few transformations. The condition of the hair, ears, nose, chin, and circular eyes is the same! As simple as that!

How to Draw a Profile View

Were you looking for more cartoon natures available to draw? Here are more cartoon concepts. Draw the model again below. Now we will learn how to build Tommy and Lucy from the silhouette view. Now we’ll assume both sides – remember the major formatting differences when matching your border to the side. Pay attention to these attributes when drawing male and female personalities.

  • Tommy’s eyebrow is thicker.
  • Lucy’s chin barely sticks out from the facade of the facade.
  • Lucy’s nose is thinner and pointier.
  • Lucy has big, feminine eyelashes.
  • She plays with the curves in the comic book face configuration.

Various pitches, muzzle, chops, ears, all the components that push up the face difference figure. It is ubiquitous to see cartoonish textures in every possible direction with unstable camera magnifications as they will have to respond to conditions and entities near them. This makes it possible to give them a better life!

Witness how the structure of the eye is simplified when corrected to cartoon style. See the oval figure in red, in opposition to the circular body of the open eye. A new beak is completed with various cartilages. Witness how its shape is significantly simplified in the cartoon.

Knowledge of how the mouth behaves from other angles is essential. Remove excess detail and keep just the lips’ basic shape. The ears are also greatly simplified.

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