Five Easy Steps to Resolve Windows Live Mail Difficulties

Five Easy Steps to Resolve Windows Live Mail Difficulties

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February 10, 2024

Always aim for a replacement update when one becomes available and display a range of problem warnings. You are not going to be able to get in touch with Microsoft support when the application shows an error. For further help on resolving non-opening Windows Live Mail, see this website. But, just like any other software program, Windows Live Mail might have several bugs. Many people still use Windows Live Mail, even though Microsoft no longer supports it since it is still accessible.

When operating Windows Live Mail, several users have said accepting duplicated mistakes. This article provides a useful way to fix the numerous regular problems that users of Windows Live Mail go across.

Information Code: 3219 (0x8DE00005)

When a user experiences Windows Live Mail Error 3219, the app is unable to connect to Hotmail, Outlook, or MSN servers to retrieve the user’s emails. When Live Mail operates a secure HTTPS link to join and sync mail, this issue occurs. The incredible server shift that blocked Live Mail from synchronizing email accounts is at the root of this issue.

The majority of users configure POP or IMAP accounts when setting up their Windows Live Mail accounts, and these email servers are often updated. WLM is unable to sync the servers whenever a replacement update becomes available as a result.

A Simple Fix for this problem is to Change the WLM Configuration on the Email Servers.

The techniques listed below can be used to remove and modify the accounts:

  • Go to Windows Live Mail’s Accounts. Using the @ sign, choose the ‘+’ symbol. Users should ensure that the credentials field they provide has the right username and password. The ‘Manually Configure Server Settings’ option is selected.
  • Select the kind of server under Incoming Server Information.
  • Enter the port number and server address now. Place the server address in the Outgoing Server Information section, check the ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ box, and arrange the port number in the port type column.
  • After that, click Next after checking the boxes for “Requires Authentication” and “Requires a Secure Connection SSL.”
  • You’re done! The account is added to the upper-left Windows pane of Windows Live Mail.

Error 0x8007007A Occurs While Sending Emails.

The 0x8007007 The program is unable to send emails, according to an error notification displayed in Windows Live Mail or the Windows 10 Mail app. If you attempt to email any media attachments from OneDrive, you will see this error. This problem arises because, whereas SkyDrive lets you transfer images or albums, OneDrive doesn’t.

New updates to OneDrive state that sending emails with attachments is no longer possible; the email will stay in your Outbox. Nonetheless, there are a few simple techniques you can use to fix this problem.

Fixing Error Code: 0x8007007A

  • There are several ways to solve this issue, such as sending another message after deleting the one that’s causing the problem.
  • Please take out your Windows Live Mail account and add it back in.
  • Attach the pictures and photographs to your message.
  • Remove the “Make a picture mail from photo attachments” option if it is selected.
  • You can fix this issue if you consider these solutions.

Windows 10 Does Not Support Windows Live Mail

Most users updated to Windows 10 when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. Conversely, users using WLM on Windows 10 have complained about not being able to access their Live Mail accounts. The main explanation for this is that Microsoft no longer wants users to use WLM. Windows 10 was designed to meet future needs, but they instead urge users to export Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook or Office 365.

The Resolution to This Issue:

Following our analysis of the reasons behind WLM’s incapacity to support Windows 10, we carried out several investigations and experiments to find the most straightforward fixes for this problem.

  • Try running Windows Live Mail as an administrator in compatibility mode.
  • If required, reset the Windows Live Mail account configuration.
  • Create a new WLM account and replace the old one. On your Windows 10 computer, Windows Essentials 2012 has to be reinstalled.
  • Now that Windows 10 has arrived, you can use Windows Live Mail.

An Authentication Error (0x800CCC0B)

Incoming emails from many email service providers are not subject to authentication requirements; nonetheless, Windows Live Mail occasionally requests further authentication.

If you get error code 0x800CCC0B, it indicates that authentication is required for both outgoing and incoming emails from your email provider. Each account in Windows Live Mail will require personal authentication activation.

Fixing the Windows Live Mail authentication issue is quite simple. It would be beneficial if you enabled authentication by doing the following:

  • Launch Windows Live Mail, then go to the Accounts section. Click Properties after selecting the email account that is preventing you from logging in.
  • The properties of the email account are displayed. Now, under the Outgoing Mail Server section, pick the Server tab, check the box that says “My server requires authentication,” and click OK.
  • You won’t experience this problem anymore since incoming and outgoing email authentication will be enabled.

The email service provider often uses the username and password from the incoming mail to verify emails that are sent out. If this isn’t the issue, though, take the following further actions:

  • Choose the Settings menu item. The screen will show the Outgoing Email Server Properties section. Click the ‘Log on using’ box, enter the password and account name for outgoing mail (don’t forget to use the Remember password option), and then click OK.
  • Try sending an email after making changes to the outgoing email settings to see whether the problem still exists.

End of Support for Windows Live Mail,

You should be informed that on June 30, 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Live Mail (WLM) if you use it. It won’t survive long, especially if you use Windows 10 or any other future version of Windows, even if the majority of users still use WLM with very slight alterations. Still, individuals consistently choose to remain with WLM.

On the other hand, because WLM users won’t be able to continue using WLM permanently, they should switch to a different email client now or later.

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