9 Amazing Features of a Web to Print Solution

9 Amazing Features of a Web to Print Solution

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
June 6, 2022

The key features are what attracts a customer the most. And a business needs that thing to grow. A web to print is a one-stop solution for many reasons. It is a customized eCommerce store that allows customers to design and print their designs on a specified range of products. These products get ordered on-demand basis. So, to know what all features are required for your web to print solution software, read further, and explore it yourself.

9 Amazing Features of a Web to Print Solution

  • Secured and Encrypted:

A web to print solution should be password protected to protect your storefronts. You need to secure your application during the actual development process. A password requirement option can be set to minimum and maximum characters, numbers, special characters, and symbols. You also need to provide a secure environment to your customers by encrypting their default payment method through the payment card industry data security standard.

  • 24/7 Availability:

You need to make sure that since your store is online, the products are available to the customers 24/7. They can order it at midnight or on a public holiday, but the store never closes. An online store does not have actual timings.

You need your private storefronts to be open all the time. As soon as your customer connects to the internet, your store should be ready to serve them with the web-to-print solution that you provide. It can include a card design tool or a t-shirt or mug design tool. It should include anything and everything that you can provide your customers to make their shopping process easy.

The only exception you can have is when you have a scheduled update which you need to make sure only takes place during off-hours.

  • Multi-User Capability:

Your web-to-print solution can be set in such a way that it is self-registered, which allows multiple users. Each user can use different types of solutions; some might use a card design tool, and others might use a t-shirt or a mug design tool.

Each user has a personal asset and a personal address. You need to store this information after taking permission from your customers so that it is automatically filled out each time they order from your store. It also helps your customers to order their products, making the process faster and easier.

  • Approval Routing:

You need to make sure that your storefront is set up for one or multiple approvers. You can have an approver for an asset of users. Say you have a card design tool, then all the orders received for the same can go to one particular shopkeeper only. And different types of services have different approvers. So, it is easy to manage and handle your customers. You can even have a master approver that can approve all and every kind of order received at your storefront.

  • Profiles and Lists:

Shared data lists and company address lists are important lists that need to be on various items. So, to reduce the time consumption, you need to create variable items, such as a business card, that help improve the chances of errors.

Pro-tip you can print your own cards with the help of a card design tool.

  • Custom Catalogs:

Custom catalogs help systematically organize the orders. It filters only the important items for certain divisions. This helps reduce time to almost half. A shopkeeper with a card design tool need not see orders for calendars. This feature is extremely helpful because it limits some items to view and order. This allows you to present different pricing to different groups of people with platinum, gold, silver, or bronze level premium.

  • Instant Proofing:

Customers need their customizable product look. You can provide them in the form of a PDF with a watermark on it. It helps reduce the time in proofing, which helps in speeding up the entire process. It helps customers to be sure what their customized product will look like. And so, there is not much back and forth required in the process.


There are many features of the web to print solutions. Customers can have multi-size and multi-colored products of their choice. And say if you have a card design tool, then they can also decide the type and size of the font that goes on the card as well. Such tools help with customized printed items and with self-serve custom reports. Combining all the features of a web-to-print solution is a one-stop solution to all your customization problems. It is what your customers need. This helps you provide your customers with the best customization experience.

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