5 lessons learned in the Escape room that you can apply in your everyday life

5 lessons learned in the Escape room that you can apply in your everyday life

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May 24, 2022

Escape rooms have now become one of the trendiest activities for people all across the world. Not only do they provide players with a respite from their hectic lives, but they also impart several important practical skills.

When you participate in an escape game with your friends or family, the thrill and excitement you experience are incomparable with anything else. From the interactive sets and props to the immersive plots, there is so much to explore in the world of escapades. Those who are new to the arena of escapes, check out some of the immersive experiences at Riddler’s Escape and have fun as you learn on the go!

5 lessons learned in the Escape room that you can apply in your everyday life

5 lessons learned in the Escape room that you can apply in your everyday life

In this article, we have enlisted 5 different lessons which any escape room game can impart to you:

  • Improve your time management skills time

Management is undoubtedly one of the essential skills that you need in every walk of life. Since the escapades require players to work around the clock to solve the puzzles, it helps them inculcate time management skills efficiently!

Usually, escape games give players about an hour to work. Therefore, it is vital for you to divide the entire duration of the game judiciously, such that you can give proper time to each game. Make sure neither you nor your teammates end up devoting excess of your time to solving just one puzzle. Searching for clues individually and sharing the progress at intervals with the rest of the team can be a beneficial approach to winning the game.

As you learn to manage the allotted time in the game room judiciously, it will help you to organize your life and meet your deadlines at work. You can now make the most of your available time and increase your productivity in life!

  • Hone your leadership

Stepping inside the game room, you realize how you are transported to a whole different world. But what to do now? What do you think your team needs to do in the room? This is exactly where the necessity of a leader peeks in!

Escape rooms are generally meant for groups of 2 to 6 players who need to perform multiple tasks together to get out of the room. Solving all the riddles before time is essential to escape the game room. Thus, you need someone who will guide you inside the game room, to work out the game together in an organized way.

So, if you think you have it in you to lead your team to victory, stand up and be the leader. Assign each of your team members their roles to play based on their strengths. For it is the cumulative performance of your entire group that can lead you to your victory!

Leadership qualities can be highly beneficial in almost every aspect of your life. It can help you in not only your life but also in working at your company. It is a known factor that people who possess leadership qualities can proficiently build a positive environment at work. It can thereby help in increasing the productivity of employees at the workplace by inspiring and motivating employees to give their best!

  • Boost up your critical thinking!

Escape games push your brain to think in interesting ways as you try your best to solve the riddles thrown before you. The riddles or puzzles that the game requires you to solve call for logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

As you try your best to make sense of that clue or try to solve that puzzle, you can give a tug to your brain’s problem-solving abilities. The challenges that an escape room presents before you won’t be easy. They would instead be such that require you to think critically and logically to access the problem before you.

Even in the professional sector, critical thinking abilities are required at almost every other step. You might need to figure out the tricky problems at not just work but almost at every turn of your life. So, playing an escape game is surely going to help you with that!

  • Make the best of your senses

Escape games fascinatingly deliver players right at the epicenter of the action, and you can feel a chilly sensation running down your spine. Pay attention to the slightest of movements or happenings around you – as who knows, and it might even be a little clue to the game!

As you listen to the slightest noise that you can hear around you, your hearing ability is heightened. As you pay attention to the tiniest of details in the game room, your ability to notice details is redefined. Escape games can thus help significantly to sharpen and define your senses in the best way!

Paying attention to every little detail around you and even keeping them in your memory is yet another vital lesson that the escape rooms teach you. When people pay greater attention to details, they can easily avoid any possible inconsistency that would have existed otherwise. In the corporate world, it helps employees to maintain a professional posture and ensure the best impression of their company before the entire world.

  • Understand the vitality of teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most effective and crucial abilities that playing an escape game can help you with. Throughout your life, teamwork is needed anywhere you go, be it working on a school or college project or even working on a project in your office.

As you play with your friends, family, or even your co-workers, it shall enable you to possess the necessary skill set to be able to patiently pay heed to the opinions of every member of your team. Inside an escape room, you have to work with people of different natures without getting angry at any of your members.

Further, alongside keeping your anger in check, you also need to make the best of the abilities of your mates. Utilize each of your teammates’ abilities to work out those tricky riddles and challenging puzzles that you face inside the game room.

These are some of the vital lessons that the escape rooms help its players to incorporate. So, while you go ahead to play an escape room game, do not think of it as a mere mode of entertainment. There is much that the obscure world of escapades offers!

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