15 Best Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies to Implement in 2022

15 Best Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies to Implement in 2022

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April 6, 2022

2021 has brought change and innovation, we have witnessed a dramatic change in how people consume their media. This means that companies have had to completely change their digital strategy on the spot to accommodate these unforeseen changes.

15 Best Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies to Implement in 2022

To be prepared and put together a successful digital strategy for your business, check out 15 Digital Marketing and Sales Strategies to Use in 2022:

  • Use video on social media

According to statistics , 68% of consumers want to interact with image-based content, while 50% want to interact with video content. Therefore, the use of video content is one of the important digital marketing strategies for 2022.

As TikTok and Instagram Reels gain popularity starting in 2020, video will become the most popular form of social media content in 2022. 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product or service through a video. In fact, 84% of people claim they were persuaded to buy a product or service by showing a video of a brand.

You can take your strategy one step further and add interactive elements to your marketing and sales videos. Interactive videos are a new type of content that gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video itself, creating a unique user experience. 43% of consumers prefer interactive video content to other types of video content because it gives them the power to decide what information they want to watch and when they want to watch it.

  • User Experience Focus Strategy

According to Google , users show that they prefer sites with a user-friendly interface. By prioritizing user experience (User Experience or UX), visitors are more likely to stay on your site than your competitors’ sites. To help companies measure their site’s User Experience, Google recently introduced a new set of metrics called “Core Web Vitals” that help measure site speed, response time, and visual stability.

  • Website optimization strategy for mobile devices

In 2021, device usage continued to rise due to the pandemic. Therefore, an important digital marketing strategy is to optimize your website for mobile devices. Not only will this create a great User Experience for visitors, but it will also help with search rankings based on Google’s new “Core Web Vitals”.

  • Update your site

Do not use an outdated or inefficient site. It takes users 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your site.

Therefore, the digital marketing strategy for your website should include the following points:

  • your site should be user-friendly;
  • optimized for mobile devices;
  • have a short loading time;
  • not outdated;
  • easily found on Google.

If not, then a redesign of your website needs to be added to your digital marketing strategy.

  • Include tools to increase sales in your strategy

Consumers today need instant solutions. This is due to the fact that the pandemic is changing user behavior, so they expect all issues to be resolved online. In 2022, try implementing some digital strategies and tools that will make it easier for your contacts to interact seamlessly with your sales team on their own terms.

In your digital marketing and sales strategies, you need to use:

  • Chatbots

Chatbots allow visitors to chat online with business representatives on a company website. A business can provide support, ask follow-up questions, and even convert leads with live online chat.

  • Video search

Use video search in your digital marketing strategies to stand out from the competition and humanize the sales process. Personalize your message and include a call to action to get users to schedule a meeting with you.

  • Pre-Recorded Demos

Save time in the sales process by pre-recording product demos. You will provide a great user experience where viewers can stop, pause, and replay the demo video at their convenience.

  • Appointment and planning tools

Use meeting scheduling tools in your digital marketing strategies. In this way, you can automatically and accurately schedule meetings with potential clients right on the spot.

  • Online transactions and electronic signatures

Add online transactions and digital signature tools to your digital marketing and sales strategies. This will help your business ensure a convenient and fast turnover of purchases.

  • Incorporate self-service options into your strategy

Today, users want instant rewards. Create a great Customer Experience by providing resources and answering questions while customers and prospects are engaged.

  • Knowledge base

Users do not like to wait for the support team to contact them hours or even days later to answer their questions. Instead, create a knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions. Your knowledge base should include examples, images, explanations, links to additional resources.

  • Educational videos

Build a library of how-to videos to help with customer onboarding and product training.

  • Use Account Based Marketing

A new digital marketing strategy method to consider in 2022 is account-based marketing (ABM). Account-Based Marketing is a personalized marketing strategy that sells key business customers directly. 70% of B2B marketers are already using ABM strategies. And 85% of marketers who measure ROI have found that account-based marketing delivers higher returns than using any other digital marketing strategy.

  • Target the Gen Z market

Generation Z is fast becoming one of the most influential generations in today’s economy. Statistically , Generation Z makes up 20% of the workforce, 40% of all consumers, and is the largest, most demographically diverse and technology-dependent generation.

Those who are part of this generation have truly never known a world without the Internet or wireless technologies and are therefore changing the digital experience and redefining business expectations. In this regard, it is necessary to include in your digital marketing and sales strategy in 2022 the trends that have emerged under the influence of generation Z.

  • Use paid media

As more people stay and work from home due to the pandemic, digital advertising has become the least affected medium compared to radio, print and billboard advertising. Businesses continue to cut their spending on traditional marketing and direct their marketing budget towards paid media advertising. This way they can reach more customers and compete with other businesses using the same digital platforms.

  • Update your buyer persona

As mentioned earlier, consumer behavior has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic. You need to reevaluate and match your target buyer personas using Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights. After that, you can make sure that your current audience still matches your target audience portraits. You need to update your buyer personas to align with your digital marketing and sales business strategy for 2022.

  • Create content that users are looking for

Take a look at your SEO and Google Analytics data to see what topics and keywords consumers in your industry are searching for. Create new blogs and resources based on these topics, or update current popular blogs to include more useful and up-to-date information. Remember to focus on human connections and not on selling your product. If you create strong, useful content, you are likely to gain more trust from your potential customers. This is what you should focus on in your digital marketing strategy for 2022.

  • Use personalization in your strategy

Engage with your prospects by sending them targeted, relevant messages based on the data you’ve received from them.

You can personalize your messages using the following information collected in your CRM:

  • contact and demographic information;
  • what web pages they visited;
  • which emails they clicked on;
  • what resources they downloaded.

86% of companies have improved their business performance through personalization strategies. Here are a few methods to consider:

  • Keep sending relevant information about your interests

Once a potential customer subscribes or downloads a resource, continue to send additional information and resources based on their topics of interest to help guide them through the stages of the buyer journey.

  • Address your potential customers by name

Users are more likely to open and click on emails that personalize either the subject line or the email itself. And personalized emails provide six times the speed of transactions.

  • Automate your tasks

With all these new digital marketing strategies, it’s important to automate as much as possible to save time and focus on higher priority projects. Here are some useful tasks to automate:

  • Automate Notifications

Every time someone converts or sends you an email, you can get email notifications about the next steps.

  • Automate marketing emails

Schedule all your marketing emails in advance for selected contacts.

  • Automate social media posts

Schedule your social media posts across multiple platforms in advance.

  • Automate your lead flow

If someone downloads a certain resource, you can immediately send them an automated email with a link to download that resource. And you can keep sending scheduled automated emails with more information on that topic to help move them down the funnel.

  • Automate analytical reports

Set up reports in Google Analytics and CRM to track consumer behavior.

  • Try new marketing tools

Try using different marketing tools in your strategy to streamline and optimize your marketing and sales efforts. Here are a few platforms to consider in 2022: CRM, CMS, marketing automation software, analytics and reporting software, and SEO software, just to name a few.

  • Rethink your strategy and budget

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior and therefore changed the way we reach our consumers. Take a look at your marketing metrics over the past year to see what worked and what didn’t. Make the necessary improvements and incorporate the new strategies mentioned above into your digital marketing and sales strategy for 2022.

Be sure to update your marketing budget to include the tools and strategies you need for 2022.


Check out the list of these strategies to include in your digital marketing and sales strategy for 2022. It is the successful implementation of such a digital strategy that will take your business to a new level and give results.

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